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The Human Cost of Incendiary Weapons and Shortcomings of International Law

Please register: This online event highlights the horrific human cost of incendiary weapons and the need for a more effective international response. It features a trauma nurse who treated a girl burned by white phosphorus in Afghanistan, a survivor of an incendiary weapons attack on a Syrian school, a burn doctor with expertise in the challenges of rehabilitation, and…

The ATT and Gender-Based Violence – Practical Tools to Strengthen Export Licensing Risk Assessments

Arms export control processes in many countries around the world encompass human rights considerations, aimed at reducing the risk of arms exports contributing to human rights violations. The 2013 Arms Trade Treaty specifically requires that those processes include an assessment of the risks of gender-based violence (GBV) in particular. However, research indicates that the risks of weapons being used to…

The Religious Dimensions of Myanmar’s Protests

On February 1, Myanmar’s military seized power in early morning coup. Almost immediately, citizens from across the country rose up in protest. Originating with health care workers, the protest movement quickly spread to encompass diverse communities and constituencies. Despite increased military intimidation in the form of nighttime arrests, use of force, and internet shortages, the largely youth-led civil disobedience movement…

Human Rights, Civil Rights, and the Struggle for Racial Justice

From documenting historical incidents of mass racial violence to taking protests against police brutality to international forums, social justice lawyers have long turned to human rights law and strategies to advocate for racial justice in the United States. At the same time, US legacies of exceptionalism, isolationism and nationalism pose challenges for what is a fundamentally universalist human rights project.…

Movement Lawyering and Social Change: A Spotlight on LGBTQ Advocacy in Lebanon

Register for Movement Lawyering and Social Change here. Please join us to discuss community-oriented movement lawyering in Lebanon and the ways in which activists and lawyers engage with the country’s most vulnerable communities to build, support, and amplify transformative social movements. We will explore movement lawyering strategies and linkages with grassroots activists and communities, with a particular focus on cause…

“An Era of Violence?”: Comparing Trends in State Violence Around the World

Register at to get the Zoom link! From Myanmar to the United States, the world has seen a rise in state and state-backed violence against citizens. These instances of violence don’t just cost the lives and livelihoods of those victimized; they also undermine international norms and normalize state violence in other nations. Join HLS Advocates for Human Rights for a candid…