Dear Graduates,


Secondly, if we missed each other during commencement, here is what we wanted to say: thank you. Thank you for the hard work and heart you put into your time with the International Human Rights Clinic. We are better for it.

Finally, we wanted to send our sincere appreciation to the students who made public service a focus of their time here. A grand total of 15 Clinic graduates performed more than 1,000 hours of community service: Kathryn Boulton, Kathleen Borschow, Afton Cissell, Avery Halfon, Julianne Hill, Brian Kelly, Akhila Kolisetty, Brein Millea, Elizabeth Nehring, Oded Oren, Francesca Procaccini, Kacie Rupp, Caroline Sacerdote, Melissa Shube, and Katie Soltis.

Terrific work, Class of 2015. We wish you all the good luck that life has to give.

Four individuals smile wearing formal wear.
Phil Torrey, a clinical instructor, smiles with two students.
A clinical instructor smiles at a banquet table.
Two instructors and a student smile for the camera.
Two students pose and smile with two clinical instructors.
Gerald Neuman speaks to another professor.
A family of a law student poses in our clinical offices.
Mindy Roseman smiles in front of a blackboard.