Laila Ujayli, JD ’24

Meet our graduating student, Laila Ujayli! Laila is a JD student who has spent several semesters working in the Clinic with Clinical Instructor Bonnie Docherty. This semester, the team released an 80-page report, “Destroying Cultural Heritage: Explosive Weapons’ Effects in Armed Conflict and Measures to Improve Protection,” which details both the immediate and long-term harm from the use of weapons in populated areas on cultural heritage.

She and teammate Elliot Serbin, JD ’24 recently traveled with Bonnie to Oslo, Norway, for the first meeting of states that have endorsed the 2022 Political Declaration on the Protection of Civilians from the Use of Explosive Weapons. Watch to learn more about Laila’s project work, the excitement and importance of taking the Cultural Heritage report to Oslo, and her Favorite memories from her time with the IHRC!

Read the report here:

Alicia Mortenson, JD ’24

Alicia joined the Clinic for the Spring 2024 semester where she and her team worked with Clinical Instructor Anna Crowe on a project advocating for a Torture-Free Trade.

Alicia just returned from Geneva where she and Anna presented their work at a meeting with partners and experts from the Torture-Free Trade Network. Watch to learn more about her project, travel, and takeaways from her time with the IHRC.

Samrit Kharel, LLM ’24

Meet Samrit Kharel! Samrit is an L.L.M. student graduating this week. He joined the Clinic during the Spring 2024 semester and during his time in the IHRC, he worked with Practitioner-in-Residence Victor Madrigal-Borloz. Their project was focused on documenting human rights violations against LGBTQ+ persons in Chechnya. Watch to learn more about Samrit’s work on this project, and his reflections on interviewing witnesses and documenting human rights violations.

Jake Soria, JD ’24

Meet Jake Soria! Jake joined the Clinic in Fall 2022, and has been with us ever since! During his four semesters with the IHRC, Jake has worked with Clinical Instructor Beatrice Lindstrom on a project that seeks to secure remedies for Roma communities who suffered lead poisoning in UN-managed camps after the Kosovo war.

Watch to learn more about Jake’s work on this project and the journey that’s taken him from a report launch in Kosovo with partners and affected communities, to a recent pivotal meeting of governments in New York, and all the hard work and advocacy in between! Congratulations, Jake!

Read the report Jake worked on here:

Nikki Santos, JD ’24

Meet our graduating student, Nikki Santos! Nikki is a JD student who has spent several semesters working in the Clinic with Clinical Instructors Susan Farbstein and Aminta Ossom on a project seeking accountability for harmful business practices in the seafood supply chain.

During her time in the Clinic, Nikki worked on a team that provided legal advice, research, and drafting support for a report on the human rights abuses in the tuna industry titled, “Canned Brutality” and traveled to Paris, France last spring to meet with project-partner Bloom. Watch to learn more about Nikki’s project work and her insights from her time in the Clinic. You can also read more about how her time in the Clinic has helped her shape a budding human rights career here.