Here’s a Friday afternoon treat for you: an iconic image from the law school experience.

a textbook, a bare candy wrapper, and some pens sit at a desk. in front of the desk there is a tent card that reads, "please do not remove my stuff. I am in the next class. thank you"

When Fernando spotted this display at our recent HRP Orientation, he rightly described it as a piece of performance art—except, of course, that it wasn’t.

Below are some other images from the event. Apologies in advance for the poor picture quality, and a belated thanks to all who came, learned, and ate. We were so happy to have you there.

A man in a suit speaks to a full classroom.
Tyler talks to a full house at HRP Orientation.Thanks for coming!
A young man wearing a button down shirt speaks to three rapt students at what looks like the conclusion of a class.
Fernando speaks with students about his work on prison reform in Brazil.
A woman leans against a chalk board while another listens. The back of another woman's head indicates she is speaking to the two other women.
Mindy and Deborah speak with a student about (I’m guessing here) their fall seminar on Gender and Human Rights.
Three students smile and talk after a class.
Ana Lise Feliciano Hansen and James Tager, co-presidents of HLS Advocates for Human Rights, speak with a student about the group’s work. My bet is that James is saying something odd here. Hence, the laugh.
A teacher speaks to her student in a classroom.
Meera speaks with a student about her projects in the Middle East.