The shortcomings of the international humanitarian response architecture, traditionally reactionary and top-down in nature, have been put to the test by the recent rise of of people on the move.  Affected communities of refugees are now beginning to challenge hierarchies of access and urging humanitarian actors to put those most affected at the center of policymaking.  At this event, Sana Mustafa, Founding Member of the Network for Refugee Voices, and Alice Farmer, Protection Officer, UNHCR, will discuss innovative approaches to bringing the voices of refugees to the policymaking table and reshaping the global refugee response system, and explore the implications of this “participation revolution” for cause and community lawyering.

The event is organized in partnership with the Network for Refugee Voices and Independent Diplomat, and is co-sponsored by the Harvard Immigration Project, the International Human Rights Clinic, the Refugee and Immigration Clinical Program, and the Global South Dialogue at Harvard Law School. Lunch will be served.