We’re offering three new courses this fall semester.  Check them out in brief below (click on links for full descriptions).  Clinical registration begins April 4.

Human Rights Advocacy and the United States (Jim Cavallaro and Deborah Popowski):

This seminar will examine how advocates have used human rights discourse and legal framework to address U.S. government action, focusing in significant measure on the domestic response to post-9/11 counterterrorism policies as a primary case study.

The Promises and Challenges of Disarmament (Bonnie Docherty):

Over the past 150 years, certain weapons have caused so much human suffering that the international community has taken steps to regulate or ban them.  The most important method of disarmament has been treaty law, although judicial opinions and national measures have played a role as well.  This seminar will introduce students to different approaches to disarmament and various means to achieve them.

Advanced Skills Training for Human Rights Advocacy (Tyler Giannini and Susan Farbstein):

This course is designed for continuing students of the Clinic who plan to pursue careers in human rights or in the public interest and NGO sector more broadly.  Students will develop advanced leadership skills, including supervision of others; organization and project management; documentation and fact-finding; advocacy, media, and legislative work; and ethical and professional responsibilities.

Tyler and Susan will host an informational session about their seminar on Friday from 11:30-12:30 p.m. in the HRP Lounge, outside Pound 404A.