What are the implications of post conflict justice for the full enjoyment of human rights in Africa, particularly for the victims of gross human rights violations? How effective is post conflict justice in Africa to redress injustice and provide remedies to victims? How involved are the African governments to facilitate such justice for victims? Are there any legal and/or socio-political obstacles in Africa preventing victims from completely enjoying their human rights in terms of access to full remedies? What “victim-friendly” policies need to be adopted to reinforce the efficacy of post conflict justice in Africa?


Please join a discussion with panelists Susan Farbstein, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law, Harvard Law School; Cecile Aptel, Associate Professor of International Law, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; Roger-Claude Liwanga, S.J.D. Candidate, Suffolk Law School and Fellow, Harvard University; and moderator Sara Dillon, Professor of Law, Suffolk Law School.