UPDATE Click here for an article about this event.

Gene Sharp, dubbed the “Machiavelli of nonviolence,” is coming to campus to speak next Wednesday.  Dr. Sharp was recently profiled by The New York Times for his influence on the strategy of the demonstrators in the recent Egyptian protestors.  But he has been considered a leading proselytizer of non-violent tactics for years, and his ideas have been used by dissidents around the world.

Dr. Sharp will be speaking in Pound 107 at noon, this Wednesday, March 9th.  Lunch will be served.

Dr. Sharp has also agreed to lead a workshop later that afternoon, in Pound 418 at approximately 1:30 pm.  Sign-ups for this session are limited to 15, and on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Participants must agree to do some reading on Mr. Sharp’s tactics before the meeting (probably around 30 pages).  This will be an opportunity to discuss non-violence and democracy activism with the man universally acknowledged as a leading scholar in the field.

If you wish to join this workshop, please email James Tager at [email protected].

James Tager, JD ’13, is a member of HLS Advocates for Human Rights.