Today, we in the International Human Rights Clinic are excited to announce that Anna Crowe, LLM ’12, has been promoted to clinical instructor at Harvard Law School.

I first met Anna when she was an LLM student in my disarmament seminar and a member of my cluster munition clinical team.  I knew right away she was someone special.  She stood out from her peers, impressing me with both her intellect and her character.  Four and a half years later, she continues to impress me on a daily basis.

A young woman with red hair looks up hopefully.
Anna Crowe

Since Anna returned to the Clinic as a fellow in 2014, she has demonstrated a gift for teaching and a commitment to promoting human rights and international humanitarian law. She has trained clinical students in the skills of our field, earning their respect and inspiring them to perform at the highest levels.  She has published multiple reports in the areas of disarmament, privacy, and refugees, all of which have had real advocacy impact.  Outside of the Clinic, she has mentored members of HLS Advocates and collaborated with some of our visiting fellows.

Anna has also been a great friend and colleague to me and the rest of the Clinic.

I could go on and on about all that Anna has brought to our community, but suffice it to say, the Human Rights Program is thrilled that she will be around for the coming years.

Congratulations, Anna!