A big and belated thanks goes out to the 3Ls and 2L who showed up at the Clinical Fair last Wednesday to help us introduce the International Human Rights Clinic to prospective students.  We were lucky enough to have a steady stream of 1Ls at our table, and our students engaged them all, offering insight into the clinical experience, and advice on how to get the most out of it.

A special thanks goes to Russell Kornblith, JD ’12, who kept up his enthusiasm through two straight hours of talking.  We’re also grateful to Yonina Alexander, JD ’12, Christina Chinloy, JD ’12, Poppy Alexander, JD ’12, Daniel Saver, JD ’12, Clara Long, JD ’12, and James Tager, JD ’13.

We appreciate all you did that night, and all you continue to do to strengthen and improve the Clinic.  Pics of yourselves (and two of our clinicians) below!

A woman smiles as she speaks to a student.
Christina Chinloy, JD ’12, talks to a student about her clinical experience, working on projects in Panama and Brazil, among others.
Two men speak in a crowded classroom; behind them, two women speak.
Daniel Saver, JD ’12, on the left, is currently working on a project in Chile, as well as Alien Tort Statute litigation. Clara Long, JD ’12, pictured next to him, is co-leading a clinical project that looks at freedom of speech and assembly as it relates to the Occupy movement.
Two women speak in a crowded room.
Yonina Alexander, JD ’12, has worked on a range of projects in the clinic, from Alien Tort Statute litigation to accountability for U.S. health professionals involved in torture.
A man wearing a fleece talking to a student.
Tyler Giannini, Clinical Director of HRP, talks to a student about the clinical experience. Before coming to Harvard Law School, Tyler spent a decade in the field, during which time he co-founded EarthRights International, an NGO based in Thailand.
A woman stands in front of a table mid-speech. Others stand behind her in some sort of information fair.
Susan Farbstein, Associate Clinical Director, is an expert in Alien Tort Statute litigation and transitional justice, having spent years working in the field in South Africa.